Our Products

Good enough is not good enough for your patients. ONKOS Surgical has a singular commitment to advancing innovation that will dramatically impact the lives of your patients.

uDesign brings the level of expertise and surgical planning you demand in complex cases to each and every one of your cases.
The modular limb salvage system that is indicated for procedures where radical resection and replacement of the distal femur, proximal femur, proximal tibia or total femur is required.
With uDesign, Onkos’ advanced surgical planning capabilities allow for a streamlined procedural approach, delivered in the convenience of personalized instrument trays called MyTray.
Patients with complications such as wound closure, bone regeneration and nerve and soft tissue challenges often require a biologic adjuvant to improve healing.
Using My3D™ technology, ONKOS SURGICAL develops personalized implant, instrument and anatomic model designs to aid surgeons when performing operative procedures.