Helping to address soft tissue failures and aseptic loosening, all in a personalized, simplified fashion

ELEOS Hinge Design and Distal Femoral Replacement

The ELEOS™ hinge design and distal femoral systems consist of components compatible with various options for all procedural needs.

Reducing the complexity of multi-step constructs

Reducing the complexity of multi-step constructs

  • Hinge Clinical History
    • Simplified 3-piece hinge design with pre-assembled poly components
    • Lacey design, 35-year clinical history
    • Posterior located hinge supports quadriceps efficiency
    • Low-profile, metal-backed extension stop helps to limit hyperextension
    • Internal/external rotation stops set for ± 15˚ of tibial rotation
  • Distal Femoral Replacement
    • 5° valgus angle to assist in the restoration of patella-femoral kinematics
    • Deepened patellar groove
      • Supports reduced patellar subluxation
      • Supports normal loading patterns

Segmental Stem Portfolio including Modular Collars

  • Bullet tip geometry
    • Accommodates the natural
      bow of the femur
  • Monolithic cemented and canal filling stems with proportionally scaled collars
    • Supports cortical contact
  • Straight and Bowed Canal filling stems
    • Broad offering of diameters and lengths optimizing a personalized stem fit
  • 3 in 1 reaming, planing and trialing
    • Reduces intraoperative complexity

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