Driven by uDesign®

Redefining musculoskeletal oncology and complex orthopaedics through a surgeon-driven, patient-inspired approach


Your surgical vision drives the process from start to finish, whether you are requesting a My3D® patient-matched solution or a uDesign® plan for a personalized limb salvage procedure.

…and Patient-inspired

Patients are at the heart of what we do, and no two patients are having the same experience. That drives our why – that patients with cancer and other complex musculoskeletal conditions deserve solutions designed specifically for them.

With our approach…

Surgeons are highly informed about patient-specific clinical challenges and are able to plan and implement a precise solution

  • Reducing Complexity

  • Driving Personalization

  • Addressing Clinical Challenges

uDesign® Personalized Surgical Planning

Our personalized approach supports improved patient outcomes and experiences using the latest innovations in digital surgical planning, 3D modeling and printing, implant and instrument design, and workflow optimization.

uDesign® ON DEMAND

uDesign® on Demand Personalized Surgical Plans are templated images that can be completed within hours of a complex limb salvage procedure. These plans help to reduce intraoperative decision making, provide clarity and confidence in restoring leg length, and support the smooth execution of a complex procedure.


My3D® Personalized Solutions allow three-dimensional visualization of a patient’s pathology, whether it be a complex defect or other condition. The surgeon then determines their precise osteotomy planes and patient-specific instrumentation design that removes the defect and precisely reconstructs the patient’s limb. All of this is done with the support of a dedicated Onkos Patient Solutions Engineer.

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