ELEOS™ Limb Salvage System

Good is not good enough for your patients. ONKOS SURGICAL has a singular commitment to advancing innovation that will dramatically impact the lives of your patients. Introducing ELEOSTM, the modular limb salvage system that is indicated for procedures where radical resection and replacement of the distal femur, proximal femur, proximal tibia or total femur is required. The design combines OPERATIVE SIMPLICITY with a PROVEN DESIGN in one comprehensive, interchangeable system.




  • Quick-connect, modular trial components accurately replicate the length of the actual ELEOS implants, so that trial reduction is simply performed with greater stability and confidence.
  • ELEOS offers a wide array of both cemented and canal filling stem options to meet surgeon preferences and increase intraoperative flexibility.
  • When needed, the modularity of the ELEOS system easily allows for intra-operative flexibility offering additional options for stems, tibial augments and compatible acetabular components.


  • An independent study validates the biomechanical stability, reducing instability and implant dislocation.1
  • Inter-component strength is achieved by utilizing a simple to assemble male/female taper implant locking mechanism. If need be, component disassembly is just as simple by utilizing proprietary instrumentation to disengage tapers.
  • Compared to other hinge knee designs that impede normal kinematics in deep flexion, ELEOS features a 5° valgus angle to assist in the restoration of patello-femoral kinematics and a deepened patella groove coupled with a hinge component designed to accommodate relief, reducing patellar subluxation and promoting normal loading patterns.


Reference: 1. William G. Ward, MD; David Haight, MD; Paul Ritchie, MD; Stan Gordon, BS; Jeffrey J. Eckardt, MD; Dislocation of Rotating Hinge Total Knee Prostheses. J Bone Joint Surg Am, 2003 Mar; 85 (3): 448 -453.