Onkos Surgical® to Launch New Personalized Surgery Platform with Disruptive Service Model for Joint Sparing Tumor Surgery

PARSIPPANY, N.J., September 26, 2019 –

Onkos Surgical, Inc. announced today the launch of My3D Personalized Solutions powered by 3D Systems VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) Orthopaedics. The launch of this platform is the first of several products to be released under the companies’ previously announced collaboration to advance personalized solutions for tumor surgery.

Patrick Treacy, CEO and Co-founder of Onkos Surgical said, “3D Systems understands our passion for developing innovation for musculoskeletal oncologists. Our innovation strategy is focused on advancing patient care across three categories: furthering personalization, reducing complexity, and addressing the clinical challenges associated with tumor and complex revision surgery. Today’s milestone underscores Onkos’ mission to introduce products and services that will transform the pace of innovation for tumor surgeons and their patients. Onkos’ My3D platform, powered by 3D Systems VSP Orthopaedics, is yet another example of how we are harnessing the power of advanced surgical planning and personalization for musculoskeletal cancer patients.”

Steven Gitelis, MD, Onkos Surgical Chief Medical Officer commented, “The launch of My3D Personalized Solutions is an exciting development for my surgeon colleagues. These cases have been challenging for some time and the preoperative 3D surgical planning and patient specific resection instruments are now enabling a whole new category and surgical preference for joint sparing surgery.

Instead of replacing the entire joint, we can devise a very precise plan for tumor resection that in some cases allows the preservation of the native joint function. Additionally, this technology is driven through digital planning of the patients own imaging, which dictates the precision required and does so without the need for expensive navigation or robots,” said Gitelis. Radhika Krishnan, Senior Vice President of Software and Healthcare, 3D Systems, said, “We are excited about our partnership with Onkos Surgical. The opportunity to leverage our capabilities in personalized healthcare solutions and 3D printing with Onkos’ passion for providing tools for oncologists will translate into meaningful innovation for musculoskeletal oncology surgeons and patients.”

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About Onkos Surgical
Based in Parsippany, N.J., Onkos Surgical is a privately held surgical oncology company founded in 2015. We believe that individuals with cancer requiring surgery deserve solutions designed specifically for them. This principle is the driving force behind our Precision Oncology initiatives. Built on a digital platform, our solutions are rooted in unmatched expertise in patient imaging analysis, personalized surgical planning, and the latest advancements in 3D printing. At Onkos, we are passionate about reducing complexity for our customers and addressing the clinical challenges associated with tumor surgery. www.onkossurgical.com