Business Update Regarding COVID-19

March 27, 2020 –

We recognize that our customers, patients, caregivers, and partners have a great deal of information coming from all directions during this rapidly changing time. This memorandum is a brief update regarding what Onkos Surgical is doing to ensure business continuity.

First, on behalf of everyone at Onkos, we extend our gratitude and well wishes to our customers and their brave colleagues working on the front lines each day. We are grateful for their work in our communities and for their support. We are hopeful for a safe return to normal for they and their families.

Second, we are committed as a team to providing the products and services that hospitals and patients need without disruption. This entails preparations performed by our product supply chain, field sales and clinical support teams, and safety precautions taken by our entire team:

  1. Coverage Continuity: We are striving to ensure that cases can be covered safely and without disruption as outside access may become restricted. We are doing so via a dedicated team that can deliver the following:
    1. On-demand case planning and templating for staff to assist in pre-operative supply readiness and set-up. During business hours, these plans can typically be done within an hour of receiving images
    2. Virtual staff training of all components, sets, and surgical plans prior to surgeries
    3. When and where feasible, virtual case support from start to finish
  2. Supply chain: Our supply chain, supporting both complex limb salvage and patient-specificsolutions, remains full and uninterrupted
  3. Safety Precautions: We are requiring our team to take CDC-recommended precautions to ensurebusiness is conducted in the interest of public health

Again, we thank everyone for the sacrifices they are making and for the example they are demonstrating. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and support healthcare delivery during this time.