Distal Femur

ELEOSTM Distal Femur

For Advanced planning and enhanced outcomes Medical Models are a valuable aid to be used as a reference in the operating room.

Features and Benefits

    • Modular components (including midsections and stems) can be used in all ELEOSTM System procedures.
    • System configurations were designed for proximal tibia, distal femur, total femur and proximal femoral applications. A revision hinge is also available.
    • Stems in a variety of diameters to meet patient specific needs are available in cemented and canal-filling, tapered, straight and fluted designs, as well as plasma spray splined stems.
    • Tibial and femoral resurfacing component stem extentions and tibial augments maximize options available to the surgeon.
    • The ELEOS components are made of wrought alloy titanium and cast cobalt chrome.
    • A one-piece axial hinge pin helps ensure a secure connection to the tibial tray and allows for ease of assembly of the hinge components from the lateral or medial side.
    • Integrity and longevity of the hinge is maximized with internal/external rotation stops set for +/- 15° range of motion.
    • The anatomic femoral components feature a raised lateral flange and a 5°valgus angle to assist in the restoration of patellofemoral kinematics, reduction of patellar subluxation and promotion of normal loading patterns.
    • The Morse taper locking mechanism provides inter-component strength.
    • Trial components accurately replicate the length of the actual implants, so that trial reduction is performed with greater confidence.
    • Midsection trials use a quick connect feature for ease and accuracy of trialing.