Until 20 Screening

Thank you to everyone who supported the Onkos Surgical September 15th NJ screening of Until 20. It was a remarkable night as a packed theatre in Morristown was able witness the profound impact James Ragan had in the final years of his life. We were all reminded of the struggles patients, families and caregivers face in confronting this disease. For James, he was relentless in his battle with osteosarcoma. Part of the battle was his unwavering effort to raise the spirits of those around him while leading fundraising efforts for his foundation, Triumph Over Kid Cancer (TOKC). James and the entire Ragan family are incredible people who demonstrated a seemingly boundless love of family and life.

A special thanks to Dr. Val Lewis for introducing us to James’ story and to Jamila Paksima, co-director and co -producer of the film. Jamila’s presence at the screening was much appreciated as she was able to add additional insight during the Q&A session regarding James, his family and the film.

Until 20 Viewing Party Until 20 Screening Until 20 Directors and Onkos President Patrick Treacy

Onkos Surgical will continue to develop innovative products and services to meet the unique needs of the musculoskeletal surgeon and the patients they treat. Through programs like the screening event, we will continue to advocate for patients and their caregivers who face this challenging disease.

For more information about Triumph Over Kids Cancer, please visit http://triumphoverkidcancer.org