Onkos Surgical® Announces Major Milestone with First Patient Entered in the Onkos Registry

Parsippany, NJ. , March 8, 2018 – Onkos Surgical, Inc., a specialty medtech company dedicated to advancing innovation for the surgical oncology market, announced today that Dr. Steven Gitelis and Rush University has entered the first patient in the Onkos Registry. The Onkos Registry is a multicenter, cloud based, HIPPA compliant platform designed to prospectively collect functional, psychosocial and oncological outcomes.

“This is a major milestone for Onkos and the musculoskeletal oncology community of surgeons and patients. When we started our company, we made a commitment that we would place a large investment in collecting prospective outcomes in this space,” said Patrick Treacy CEO and Co-founder of Onkos Surgical. “The Onkos Registry is a cloud-based platform that will allow surgeons to collect prospective data and collaborate with other institutions to drive larger data sets. We are the first and only company to invest in a registry of this kind and we believe this database will allow clinicians to answer meaningful questions that may lead to improved patient outcomes.”

Steven Gitelis, MD, Onkos Surgical Chief Medical Officer and Surgeon in Chief and Director, Section of Orthopedic Oncology at Rush University said, “This is an unprecedented opportunity for my musculoskeletal oncology colleagues to collaborate in a way that will answer important questions. The Onkos Registry provides a research platform that will enable individual institutions to prospectively collect their own data while partnering with other leading institutions around the country to answer questions that will potentially impact how we treat patients in the future. In the past, small data sets have impacted the ability to truly change the paradigm of patient care. This registry has the potential to change that.”

“We have several leading cancer institutions around the country who are interested in this platform,” said Jerry D’Alessio, Onkos VP of R&D and Advanced Engineering. We spent a tremendous amount of time perfecting the protocol and analytical tools to enable surgeons to prospectively assess functional, psychosocial and oncologic outcomes. The cloud-based platform allows the surgeons to design prospective studies and enables patients to participate in the analysis of their outcomes. We are excited to expand this registry over the coming year.”

Mr. Treacy added, “Onkos has made a commitment to musculoskeletal oncology. We continue to make investments that will advance innovation and we know that our singular and dedicated focus to this group of surgeons and patients may lead to meaningful improvements in patient care.”

About Onkos Surgical
Based in Parsippany, NJ., Onkos Surgical is a privately held surgical oncology company founded in 2015. Onkos Surgical believes surgical oncology deserves attention, focus and innovation. Through dedication and strategic partnerships, Onkos Surgical will advance surgical oncology solutions and advocate for and support the surgeons and caregivers that dedicate their lives to the surgical treatment of cancer.