Onkos Surgical Launches to Focus Exclusively on the Pediatric and Adult Surgical Oncology Market

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Oct. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Onkos Surgical, an innovative surgical oncology startup founded by Patrick Treacy, Antony Koblish and 1315 Capital, has announced it has closed a Series A round of financing led by 1315 Capital to bring innovation, advocacy and passion to the surgical oncology marketplace.

“Surgical oncology has been an underserved market for some time,” said Patrick Treacy, Founder and CEO, Onkos Surgical. “This complex disease state requires innovation and diverse solutions. Onkos Surgical is 100% focused on bringing new technology and solutions to surgical oncologists. These specialists serve a population where a large portion of patients are children and the broader population may require personalized solutions. Surgeons, patients and families deserve a focused company dedicated to this important cause.”

Onkos Surgical is proud that 1315 Capital saw the unique opportunity for one company to demonstrate leadership and set the agenda for innovation in surgical oncology.

“This investment is particularly compelling,” said Adele Oliva, Partner and Co-Founder of 1315 Capital. “With strong licensing and manufacturing partnerships, a talented and knowledgeable leadership team, and the significant need by patients and surgeons for innovation, we are excited to be a founding investor and partner.”

Onkos Surgical plans to bring value to the company’s initial portfolio of products and services through the development and commercialization of platforms based on personalized medicine and advanced 3D printing capabilities. In addition, Onkos Surgical has secured a partnership with MicroPort Orthopedics to provide Onkos Surgical with a core portfolio of segmental prostheses and with a market leading distribution partner in China.

Onkos Surgical is strategically positioned for innovation and growth with partners that are committed to their vision.

About Onkos Surgical

Onkos Surgical is a privately held surgical oncology start-up founded in 2015. Onkos Surgical believes surgical oncology deserves attention, focus and innovation. Through dedication and strategic partnerships, Onkos Surgical will advance surgical oncology solutions and will advocate for and support the surgeons and caregivers that dedicate their lives to the surgical treatment of cancer.