Current work-flow in tumor and complex revision cases can be challenging due to the number of required instrument trays. With uDesign, ONKOS’ advanced surgical planning capabilities allow for a streamlined procedural approach, delivered in the convenience of personalized instrument trays called MyTray.

  • Patient specific surgical trays can result in over 50% reduction in compromised sterility (torn wraps)1 and decrease central sterile costs
  • Streamlined surgical planning may translate into a personalized selection of instruments; significantly reducing the number of required instrument trays to service a limb salvage case.
  • MyTray may result in increased case efficiency and improved work-flow


Competitive systems require an average of 9 trays for a limb salvage procedure.
MyTray streamlines the process down to 5 trays for the same procedure.


Reference: 1. Mont, Michael A., et al. “Single-use instrumentation, cutting blocks, and trials decrease contamination during total knee arthroplasty: a prospective comparison of navigated and non-navigated cases.” J Knee Surg 26.04 (2013): 285-290.